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Our Story

Sleep cool with Pilolo


Pilolo keep you a cool head~


There is a well-know saying from ancient times that “Keep a cool head and warm feet” would make you live longer and healthier.


Life stress makes it easy for the blood to fill the head, and headaches occur like this.


Therefore, for a good night’s sleep, the head needs to stay at a lower temperature; keeping the head cool is very important for a good sleep quality.


Sleep on Pilolo Snow Pillow, which will cool off your head, and keep you a cool head.



Pilolo Snow Pillow – The coolest pillow on the market.



Pilolo applies the latest cooling technology – PCM (Phase-Change-Material) with a new, innovative cool foam core, plus a naturally cool Micro-Tencel pillow cover; these three cooling features make our pillow the coolest.


We also apply this cooling technology to our mattresses for a good night’s sleep. 

PCM Coating Foam - a new cooling technology that applies the PCM (Phase-Change-Material) on the surface of the foam. This temperature-regulation material maximizes initial and sustained cooling performance through sleep all night.


Our foam is made with the world’s top chemical company’s raw material:

 Dow Chemical





Our Fire barrier is made of fiberglass free and chemical free.


Our fabric is made by Belgium designers with top quality and new treatment.


All our products are manufactured in Taiwan.


Pilolo combines all the world’s best materials to make your pillow and mattress.


Pilolo believes you deservethe best.


Be cool. Be delicate. Be safe.


Sleep Better with Pilolo.